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An effective pain management plan accomplishes several things. It addresses the root cause of the pain and treats the symptoms, allowing you to continue to perform your day-to-day activities. Patients with pain who live in the Cape Coral area of southwest Florida can schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick King and his team at Premier Wellness Group. Dr. King offers treatment options as well as rehabilitation services to formulate individualized pain management plans for each of his patients. Call or go online to make your appointment to find out the benefits chiropractic care offers for managing pain.

Pain Management Q & A

How does a doctor address pain management?

Conventional forms of medicine often treat the symptoms of disease and injury, and do little to address the origins of pain. Dr. King believes that getting to the underlying source of the pain is of the utmost importance. By addressing the root cause and taking steps to strengthen the body and facilitate the healing process, chiropractic care can prevent continued pain and discomfort from being a regular part of your everyday life.

With chiropractic care, pain is treated with natural, noninvasive methods whenever possible. Dr. King uses chiropractic adjustments to create proper alignment, which promotes the body’s ability to self-heal.

Preventing further pain is a key component of Dr. King’s philosophy. He provides ergonomic training to teach patients how to walk, stand, sit, and lift in ways that keep the body properly aligned. These changes in biomechanics and posture go a long way toward preventing additional discomfort and injuries in the future.

What is involved in an effective pain management plan for a joint injury?

Pain management plans are created according to the area of the injury, and its type and severity. With a joint injury, it's vital to physically support the area during the healing process. This may include the use of a wrap or other bandage to stabilize the joint and prevent it from being overworked or stressed while it's healing.

Rehabilitation exercises and chiropractic adjustments work to strengthen the musculoskeletal structure of the joint and reduce inflammation, as well as improve blood flow to the injured area. Pain management plans may also include anti-inflammatory medications to help alleviate discomfort caused by swelling.

Why is it important to treat the “whole person” with chronic pain?

Chronic pain can be a source of not only physical discomfort but frustration and mental strain. It can begin to affect your mind and spirit as well as your body. When you have chronic pain, you may feel depressed and anxious, and try to avoid physical activity for fear it will increase the pain.

Dr. King believes in addressing pain relief first, with frequent treatments of the parts of your body that are out of alignment so that you start feeling better. Therapeutic massage can play a key role in early pain management, as it helps your muscles relax and stimulates better blood flow. As your pain lessens, it lifts your mood, and you’ll feel more like moving and doing rehabilitative exercises and other restorative treatments to help your body become stronger.

Treating the whole person also includes nutrition counseling to help you choose wholesome foods that provide nutrients your body needs for healing. As your pain subsides, you’ll be able to take a more active role in your own healing process and overall wellness.

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